maybe it's maybelline...

I am thrilled to be the owner of a limited edition Maybelline 2011 Calendar!

This visual explosion of colour, fashion and beauty portrays the Maybelline girl in all her different guises,
as we peek through the windows of a New York City brownstone.
There's a tongue-in-cheek fantasy look for every month.
April is a colour-wonderful Harajuku schoolgirl.
August sees a modern day, single in the city gal living in a Pop Art world.
October finds a post-pumpkin hour Cinderella inelegantly stuffing her beautiful face in front of the fridge.
But let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).
January kicks off 2011 with a disco-fabulous Jane Fonda-esque gym bunny and her demented trainer.
The colours, wardrobe and makeup give me lovely little-girl flashbacks to Xanadu, rollerskates and Aerobics Barbie.
Go work it girls!

Look forward to an eye-poppingly gorgeous new image and makeup close-up every month!