day one - foschini graduate show

So the first day is done, and what a rush! Counting the design students as individuals, I viewed work by 21 different creatives and I'm still taking it all in. Processing and refining my final opinion might take a little while longer but until I can pore over and share the gorgeous images with you, here's a quick run-down of my first impressions.

Foschini / Nokia Design Awards

Creative Category

Eight graduate students from the Western Cape showed three outfits each and while the designs could certainly be deemed commercial, my criticism would be the monotony of the concepts.
'Geek Chic' was used for styling again and again, which probably added to the slight feeling of de ja vu as one after the other slight variations on the blouson-shorts & soft-T combo drifted past. The little skirts and shorts in sorbet colours and fine floral prints were all lovely to be sure, but there was no spark. Nothing made me sit up and think and most importantly, desire.

A very amitious cocktail collection in neutral tones, featuring intricate and time-consuming tailoring techniques from Mishka Kellerman showed gutsy ambition, but was unfortunately let down by workmanship.
Darren Dewaal's collection stood out by virtue of it being menswear, but then the quality of construction and attention to finishing details seemed noteworthy too. A utilitarian poncho with some special fold & button detail was nicely fashion forward and original.

Natashjia Fonnie presented the most professional-looking womenswear collection, with her safari-luxe looks for city gals in a muted pallet. A simple shift dress got an injection of design with extra fabric along the side and a bow tie. Simple but with just a little nod to originality.

The final collection that came on the ramp did make me sit up. Lovely, drapey cotton jersey (or plain old t-shirt fabric to me and you) and softly shaped silk caught my eye and inspired instant "I want!" emotions. Denim-toned shades in non-denim fabrics is such a fresh interpretation of the ubiquitous trend. Workmanship looked amazing and I was sure we had a winner. Then I saw it on the screen: Nadia van der Schyff, Winner 2009 Graduate Show. Ah. Looking back at her collection of last year, Nadia shows continued growth and maturity, one to watch for sure!

Illustration by Nadia van der Schyff
Photos by Simon Denier
CTFC Graduate Show 2009

Darren Dewaal and Natashjia Fonnie were announced as joint winners.

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