foschini graduate show - nadia van der schyff images

I mentioned Nadia van der Schyff's accomplished young collection in my brief overview of the Foschini Graduate Shows. In trying to pinpoint what made these designs stand out above the rest, I can only come to the conclusion that it's the groomed, professionally finished appearance of her garments that takes the originality of her designs to the next level. Which highlights once more the age-old battle of balance between creativity and quality. You need to pay attention to both, in equal proportion.

Speaking of proportion, I think that's also what makes this little collection feel fresh and directional even while it's infinitely wearable: a play on proportions. Nadia worked beautifully with a sense of volume and over-sized comfort, reigning it in just this side of unflattering. The quirky ram-shaped accessories don't hurt the look either. I wonder if those will be available for sale anywhere? Nadia, get in touch!

Congratulations on an impressive collection!

Images: Simon Deiner for AFI

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