michelle ludek / doreen southwood preview

Michelle Ludek is fast becoming well known and loved for the fact that her designs marry exquisite comfort with up-to-date fashion trends and good, solid design. Her label is unbeatable for events where style and ease are equally important and in my opinion that's a pretty good recipe for incredible longevity!
Michelle Ludek
Spring/Summer 2009/10
Photo by Simon Deiner via www.ifashion.co.za 

To the great delight of Capetonian fashionistas, Doreen Southwood faithfully runs the mememe boutique in Long Street with a superb balance of inspiration, wit and wearability. Her eye for finding and producing cleverly updated classics assures that a pop-in at mememe is never in vain and the discerning shopper will be sure to leave with a memorable, individual item or two that's sure to become wardrobe staples in no time at all.
Doreen Southwood
Autumn / Winter 2009
Photo by Simon Deiner via www.ifashion.co.za


  1. That first dress is drop dead gorgeous!

  2. Please give us some personal interviews with these designers later on?

  3. Keeping up to date with everything on your blog, thanks : )