SALON/locale cape town : iziko koopmans de wet house

The most exciting fashion show I've ever seen?
The longer I think about it, and the images linger, the more interesting I find it. 
SALON/locale is a Dutch initiative that brings fashion, art, photography, design and culture head to head in a way that seeks to stimulate thought, conversation and a rearranging of preconceived notions.

I find the message personally relevant as my own obsession with fashion is filled with internal debate on the meaning, value and rightful place of apparel in our lives.

Cape Town's SALON/locale puts outstanding South African artists' work into unexpected locations across the city. Patrons walk through the centre of town finding one exhibit after the other in an exploration of contrasting venues, from little known or overlooked cultural monuments to mundane retail spaces.

Apart from the conversation stimulation and pure visual interest of the installations, it also brings a new and different kind of visitor to some of these establishments, opening up a door to an alternative part of the city for locals and tourists alike.

David West Installation
Iziko Koopman De Wet House
Strand Street

 SALON/locale runs 10-5 till this Saturday 26 February 2011.
We managed a rushed walking tour within two hours - I'd recommend a more leisurely stroll!
Complete information and ticket details at salonlocale.com
So hurry, take and make the time.
You don't want to miss this most exciting, first Cape Town SALON/locale venture!

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